Which Coin Might Be the Next Big Mover?


Toncoin ($TON) has surged 150% from June 2023 lows and is now a Top 10 project, with a higher valuation than Solana ($SOL) and Tron ($TRX), and quickly turning out to be one of the best crypto investments. Looking at the market cap leaderboard, the token is closely trailing Dogecoin ($DOGE), and Cardano ($ADAis within range. $TON is up over 30% in the past week of trading and there could be more upsides if bulls press on as they unwind losses of 2023.  

While Toncoin is getting all the attention lately, investors are also exploring emerging projects.Top of the list is eCash and Domini.art ($DOMI). eCash ($XEC) is a rebranded version of Bitcoin Cash ABC, a project with roots in Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) which in turn forked from Bitcoin —a top choice crypto for beginners. Meanwhile, Domini.art is being built from scratch and its creators aim to democratize the art world, providing more opportunities for investors and empowering artists while tapping on blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) capabilities.

In the ongoing presale, $DOMI is fast selling out and is set for double-digit gains in the next presale phase. This explains the rising demand, especially from crypto investors who are already tracking the unprecedented expansion of $TON.

Why is $TON rallying hard?

The spectacular rise of Toncoin ($TON) is drawing investors as seen by the exploding trading volume. 

Looking at market trackers, $TON is up 31% in the past trading week alone and quickly cementing its position in the top 10. The coin’s dominance is also helped by flat-lining DOGE and ADA prices. Over the past few months, ADA has been crashing and is now below the psychological $0.30 and bouncing from 2023 lows. On the other hand, Dogecoin is losing steam as attention shifts to emerging projects, including $PEPE.

$TON is rapidly gaining traction partly due to the improvement in crypto sentiment. $BTC, for instance, rejected lower lows, reversing from $25k to spot rates. This lifted $TON as investors began searching for quality projects to diversify to. Moreover, Telegram has integrated Tonchain, boosting $TON. 

Telegram is a popular messaging platform with over 700 million active users. With this deal, Telegram plans to launch a TON wallet in the coming weeks. Here, Telegram users will easily interact with the Tonchain ecosystem, even storing TON.

As $TON soars, analysts believe $DOMI and $XEC are next. Can this be true?

Why Domini.art and eCash are the next big projects after Tonchain

At time of writing, $XEC is up 16% from September lows but still under pressure. Riding on their objective to enhance payments, their growth, however, may not be as rapid as other altcoins, including $DOMI—which could be one of the altcoins to watch in September.

Domini.art is ambitious and its creators have laid down a clear roadmap to revolutionize the art world—an industry that can be used to store value in times of economic turmoil. To illustrate, statistics show that blue-chip artwork has been consistently outperforming S&P 500 by over 500% since 2000. And looking at the sale of Jean Michel Basquiat’s masterpiece for $110.5 million (initially purchased for $12k), it is clear why digitizing art and allowing everyone to participate can be lucrative.

Domini.art merges blue-chip art with blockchain, in effect, opening up the doors for global investors to not only invest but diversify their crypto portfolios and even trade on their marketplace. The platform anchors on the globally accessible Ethereum network, making it possible for anyone to participate.

By using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), artwork acquired is fractionalized and sold on the marketplace for all willing investors. $DOMI plays a key role in this and is used as the primary utility token. Holders receive multiple benefits, including access to rewards and events.

$DOMI is available for $0.002625 in the presale and over 37 million have so far been sold, days after launching.


While $TON roars, storming into the top 10, $XEC and especially $DOMI–the best NFT crypto–are highly likely to be the next big projects to surge. $DOMI is core to Domini.art and their value proposition means adopters who get exposure at spot rates can benefit massively once it launches. Analysts have suggested $DOMI could be a top-20 project by 2024.

Learn more about $DOMI here:

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