Ethena (ENA) investors turn to Oasis (ROSE) and Bitbot for potential gains


Ethena (ENA) investors turn to Oasis (ROSE) and Bitbot for potential gains
  • Ethena (ENA) struggles with bearish trends, eyes set on $0.65 support.
  • Oasis (ROSE) showcases bullish resilience driven by robust technology.
  • Bitbot presale investors eyes token claiming via Telegram ahead of plans DEX listing.

Ethena (ENA), recently a darling of many crypto investors with an impressive bullish rally, is facing a prolonged bear trend, prompting investors to seek alternative opportunities in assets like Oasis (ROSE) and innovative platforms such as Bitbot.

While Ethena declines, Oasis stand as compelling alternative for its sustained gains and Bitbot’s native token, $BITBOT, is projected to surge upon exchange listing.

Ethena price falls as analysts point to further decline

Market analysis of Ethena (ENA) reveals a downtrend marked by failed attempts at bullish reversals and significant price retracements.

Despite initial optimism, the token struggled to maintain key psychological levels, notably failing to sustain the $1 mark.

While some traders anticipate a potential bullish comeback if critical support levels around $0.65 hold firm, technical indicators, including the MACD and EMA charts, highlight ongoing bearish pressures.

The death cross formation on the 4-hour chart underscores the substantial influence of bearish sentiment, suggesting that Ethena may face further challenges in reclaiming previous highs without significant market shifts.

Oasis (ROSE) captures investors’ attention with its sustained rally

In contrast to Ethena’s struggles, Oasis (ROSE) has emerged as a beacon of optimism in the cryptocurrency market.

The native asset of Oasis Network, ROSE, has defied broader market trends with a notable uptrend characterized by a rounding bottom pattern and a golden cross of the 50-day and 200-day EMAs—a bullish signal highly regarded in technical analysis.

Investor sentiment towards ROSE has been bolstered by its resilience amidst market volatility. The token recently saw a significant rebound from support levels around $0.080, reclaiming key thresholds like $0.10 and nearing the billion-dollar market capitalization mark.

Analysts speculate that ROSE could potentially reach the psychological milestone of $1 within the near future, buoyed by robust technical indicators and growing investor confidence.

The integration of privacy-focused technologies and scalable solutions within Oasis Network, including Sapphire and native rollup support, further positions ROSE as a promising contender in sectors spanning decentralized finance (DeFi), artificial intelligence (AI), and beyond.

Bitbot investors eagerly await token claiming and exchange listing

While Oasis (ROSE) offers an alternative investment opportunity for Ethena investors, Bitbot, the pioneering AI-powered Telegram trading bot, has garnered significant attention following the successful conclusion of its public presale, which raised over $4.3 million.

Designed to democratize access to institutional-grade trading tools, Bitbot offers features such as real-time market data integration, non-custodial wallet capabilities, and a user-friendly interface accessible directly through Telegram.

Following the successful presale, Bitbot investors are now eagerly anticipating the commencement of token claiming via its Telegram bot in the coming weeks. This feature will allow users to secure their tokens and participate in the platform’s ecosystem, which includes earning incentives through trading fees and token taxes.

Looking ahead, Bitbot’s roadmap outlines ambitious plans, including listing on decentralized exchanges (DEXes), launching its native mobile app, and expanding to support multiple blockchain networks.

These developments are set to further enhance Bitbot’s functionality and accessibility, catering to a global community of crypto enthusiasts seeking innovative trading solutions.


While Ethena (ENA) faces challenges amidst a bearish market sentiment ROSE’s impressive performance and technological advancements make it a compelling option for those seeking growth.

On the other hand Bitbot’s upcoming developments promise to revolutionize how traders engage with digital assets.

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