SEC Scores a Win Against Coinbase, Spooking Alt Market; $GFOX Uniswap Debut Could Be Biggest Ever for the DEX


Markets hate regulatory uncertainty more than anything. The SEC scoring a win against Coinbase has spooked the altcoin market. Investors are diving into the memecoin arena on-chain, siphoning liquidity from more traditional altcoins, and this capital flow is accelerating the already red-hot meme mania trend. 

Galaxy Fox’s ($GFOX) Uniswap ($UNI) debut could be the biggest ever for the DEX, according to some analysts, as appetite for memecoin ownership swells and some investors believe this one could have a clear path to a major rally. Could this up-and-comer be the top crypto to invest in this quarter? Time to dive into why $GFOX is flying past all the other best cryptocurrencies to buy currently. 

SEC scores a win against Coinbase, spooking altcoin market

The SEC has won a preliminary victory against Coinbase. This has sent a ripple of fear through markets primarily affecting major altcoins – projects in the top ten cryptocurrencies with large centralized teams such as Cardano ($ADA) and Ripple ($XRP). The judge ruled that the case would have to go to trial, with Coinbase accused of operating as an unregistered broker and exchange. Gensler has not given up the game yet, and while markets reacted negatively to this news, ironically it is incredibly bullish long-term for the digital asset space.

Coinbase is deeply ingrained in the TradFi world, providing custody services for the majority of ETF issuers, and has sufficient funding and a world-class legal team. Gensler has picked the worst possible exchange to battle. But why is this bullish for crypto? The SEC has continually lost in court, with the US legal system repeatedly ruling in favor of the crypto industry. Gensler’s shock tactics of rule-by-enforcement are growing old, and crypto is here to stay. Ignore the FUD; don’t let it shake you out of good positions. 

Will Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) be the biggest ever debut rally on Uniswap?

Galaxy Fox, flagged as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy by some analysts, is gearing up for a massive retail launch, with some forecasts predicting it could be the biggest-ever debut rally seen on Uniswap. But why is $GFOX flying? Galaxy Fox enjoys a spectacular design and tokenomics model and is going to market in ideal conditions – it’s a blue-chip memecoin launching amid memecoin mania – ie, the perfect storm. 

Its novel approach sees a prototypical memecoin build with an integrated play-to-earn game and ecosystem. The ecosystem includes an NFT marketplace, an NFT collection, and the Stargate hub, where $GFOX holders can stake their tokens. This convenient source of passive income has been driving this early success, and presale funding has already sailed past $5.8 million. In addition to staking rewards, token holders enjoy a deflationary value accrual mechanism, and anybody staking their $GFOX is earning yield on a fully deflationary asset.

The P2E component is an addictive Web3 endless runner game that pays out prizes to the top-ranked players each season. It provides a great onramp into the broader ecosystem and allows anyone to convert gaming skills into cash. NFT holders unlock special in-game skill boosts, and this endless runner has put Galaxy Fox on the radar of GameFi enthusiasts.

All of Galaxy Fox’s economic mechanisms are set to activate at launch. Staking payouts and the token burn will lead to an interesting dynamic of increased demand and dwindling supply- a jet fuel proposition for price. With memecoin mania running blisteringly hot, this coin has the potential to post a 10X rally on its first trading day. Some longer-term price forecasts even predict that this small cap could explode before the end of 2024. 

Memecoins remain some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy, and investors should shrug off the news of the SEC going after Coinbase. Coinbase is best equipped to battle the SEC in the legal system and has wanted to challenge Gary in court for some time now.

All the money creation is happening on-chain, and Galaxy Fox’s Uniswap debut will be no exception. The $GFOX presale is now closed, so get set for the retail debut. 

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