Coinbase’s BASE hits $2B TVL milestone; memes market surges – is time to Invest in FLOKI and $MEDA?


  • BASE surges due to increased demand.
  • FLOKI experiences impressive growth and is poised for further gains in value.
  • Milei Moneda ($MEDA) gains investor attention with unique features and growth.

As Coinbase’s BASE achieves a remarkable $2 billion TVL milestone, the meme market experiences a surge in popularity, presenting exciting opportunities for investors. meme coins like FLOKI and Milei Moneda ($MEDA), with their distinctive branding and innovative approaches, have stood out as promising investments among a plethora of stock meme coins. 

Let’s delve into the potential of these meme-inspired tokens and why some analysts believe they might be the best altcoins to buy right now.

Coinbase’s BASE hits $2 billion TVL milestone 

BASE, Coinbase’s decentralized Layer-2 blockchain initiative aimed at reducing Ethereum transaction fees, is witnessing a surge in demand with increased network activity, challenging giants such as Solana. As a result, BASE experienced a 19.62% weekly growth. Consequently, its TVL has sharply risen, hitting the $2 billion milestone this week.

BASE’s success can largely be attributed to its parent company, Coinbase, currently the largest publicly traded U.S. crypto exchange and custodian for 90% of US spot Bitcoin ETFs. Another significant factor driving the surge in BASE activity was the activation of the Dencun upgrade, aiming to lower transaction fees on the numerous Layer 2 networks built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

While BASE currently lacks a native token, the excitement about new protocols launching on BASE and the potential for an ecosystem airdrop or two offers a promising opportunity for users and investors alike.

FLOKI navigates market volatility with notable resilience

FLOKI price is riding on the current meme coin mania this year and saw an impressive 1,032% price increase, creating a high on 11th March that’s only 8% below its November 2021 ATH. This is the highest it has done in two years. 

However, FLOKI did its necessary price retest and is currently trading 30% below its March peak. Regardless, it’s holding steady around a strong support level, rejecting lower prices, and seems poised for another round of significant gains that might even surpass its 2021 high.

The positive momentum of FLOKI is further supported by an 8% increase in trading volume over the last two days. Additionally, the active token-burning strategy of the FLOKI platform has eliminated over $404,800 worth of FLOKI tokens in the past week alone, showing a commitment to reducing supply, which could potentially increase its value.

Is it time to invest in Milei Moneda?

As the memes market experiences an unprecedented surge, many investors believe now might be the opportune moment to dive into the world of Milei Moneda ($MEDA). This innovative meme coin has successfully intertwined politics, humour, and blockchain technology, offering a fresh and distinctive proposition to the market.

Milei Moneda has captured the attention of investors due to its unique features, including a deflationary token structure, the absence of tax or team tokens, an impressive collection of coolest NFTs, enticing NFT staking rewards, and voting rights. These remarkable attributes are why some analysts believe $MEDA might be one of the best cryptos to buy for 2024.

The enthusiasm surrounding the Milei Moneda (MEDA) public presale continues to grow, particularly in light of the project’s target launch price of $0.020 on the renowned Uniswap platform come May 21. This launch price marks a remarkable 100% increase from Milei Moneda’s Stage 1 price of $0.010.

For more information on the Milei Moneda project, visit their official webpage or chat them on Telegram.

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